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Tanning Tips

Indoor tanning can help you achieve the attractive tan you desire. Follow these rules to get the most from your sunbed experience.

  • A persons ability to tan is affected by the melanin level in their skin so start with short sessions.
  • Leave at least 24 hours between tanning sessions.
  • Do not be tempted to exceed your recommended time in the mistaken belief it will lead to a darker tan.
  • The best way to achieve more melanin production is by the use of an accelerator lotion.


Will contain active ingredients such as Tyrosine which promote the body's ability to build melanin more quickly

Natural bronzer

Natural bronzers such as Henna are added to the lotions to give them a 'tinted' appearance which will even out skin tone on application but will wash off 

DHA free bronzers

DHA (dihydroxyacetone)  is the chemical name for fake tan– products which state they are DHA free will not contain any fake tan

With bronzers and DHA

These product will contain the darkest bronzing tints and DHA to give the skin a darker appearance from natural melanin production and fake tan

Tingle lotion

Not for novice tanners! These products redden the skin and bring the blood to the surface. Your skin may initially appear more tanned but the reddening of the skin can make it feel quite sore.

Accelerator Lotions - the benefits

  • Accelerators are an essential part of the tanning process as they keep the skin hydrated and contain an active ingredient which stimulates the body to produce more natural tanning pigment melanin
  • The moisturising effect of the lotion helps skin absorb UV light and many vitamins to feed the skin and combat ageing.
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