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The Professional Tanning Studio

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Accelerator Lotions

Accelerator Lotions2024-06-24T17:21:09+00:00

A crucial aspect of sunbed tanning, often overlooked, is the application of accelerator lotions. Although they might resemble ordinary body lotions, tan accelerators enhance the skin’s golden glow more rapidly, while also leaving it feeling smooth and soft.

These lotions prepare the skin for sun or sunbed exposure by enhancing melanin production, which initiates and prolongs a tan, while deeply nourishing and soothing the skin. They simplify the tanning process by accelerating the skin’s natural tanning mechanisms, significantly reducing the time needed to achieve a sun-kissed glow.

Many individuals use them as a replacement for their regular body moisturiser during the summer, while sunbathing or using sunbeds, to achieve optimal results.

It’s a vast market with many companies competing, ensuring that the best lotions not only enhance and deepen your tan but also include excellent skincare ingredients, comparable to those found in premium facial lotions.

  • The best tanning shop in the area by far! In the last year I’ve moved to London from Sunninghill and yet to find a sunbed shop with the same quality. I find the sunbeds in London over priced and produce poor results. I come back here to see my parents regularly and only use this Tanning shop. Staff are always friendly, beds are spotlessly cleaned and they offer other beauty treatment as well which is a bonus :)

    Howie H.

If you want a lotion that we don’t stock, let us know and we’ll see if we can get it in stock from our suppliers.

Australian Gold

We carry a wide range of Australian Gold tanning accelerators.

Australian Gold Hot Bronze

Hot! Bronze

Hot! Bronze is ideal for those looking for premium skincare, longer-lasting tan development, and an immediate sun kissed glow.

Australian Gold Hot


One of their most popular tanning lotions for deep, natural tan results both indoor, on a sunbed, and outdoor when layered with sun cream.

Australian Gold Idol


Beta Carotene ensures an immediate development in your natural tan, making it perfect for those with fair skin or those looking to build a natural-looking base tan.

Australian Gold Daringly Dark

Daringly Dark

This Intensifier combines deeply hydrating ingredients with natural colour boosters for a lotion ideal for building deep natural colour.

Australian Gold Accelerator K

Accelerator K

Ideal for those who love Accelerator, but are looking for a natural tanning boost!


We carry several cremes from ProTan

ProTan Hypoallergenic Dark Tanning Accelerator

Hypoallergenic Dark Tanning Accelerator

Non-greasy, fragrance-free tanning accelerator, suitable for use on sensitive skin.

ProTan Beaches and Creme

Beaches & Crème Ultra Rich Tanning Butter

With carrot oil, this ultra-rich, dark tanning lotion with a streak-free, skin-softening formula provides intense hydration.

ProTan Beaches and Creme with Carrot Oil

Beaches & Crème Ultra Rich Dark Bronzing Butter

With carrot oil, it helps the skin darken further following UV exposure for a deeper, more intense glow.



24K Aura Super Carrot Oil Accelerator

A super charged carrot oil and beta-carotene accelerator with premium streak-free natural bronzing agents for immediate and noticeable dark tanning results.

Contains active beta-carotene to stimulate the natural production of melanin in your skin while providing maximum hydration to ensure you keep your tan longer.

PowerTan 24K Aura
SunShot Tanning Shot

Other Products We Stock

  • SunShots – improve your tan and skin condition from the inside out, containing CoQ10 and Beta Carotene plus Vitamins A,C + E
  • If you want a lotion that we don’t stock, let us know and we’ll see if we can get it in stock from our suppliers.
  • WE DO NOT STOCK tanning injections – they are illegal in the UK, and we would NOT advise their use.


Do accelerator lotions work?2024-06-24T17:12:33+00:00

Absolutely! Lotions containing Tyrosine enhance melanin production in the skin, leading to a better tan. Using a specialised lotion keeps your skin hydrated, making it easier to tan, while also feeling softer and smelling fresher. Be cautious of lotions that claim to be tan accelerators but are merely moisturisers. Always ask us for recommendations rather than relying on trends from TikTok. We’ve seen clients bring in a range of products, from fake tans to SPFs.

Why are lotions different prices?2024-06-24T17:10:22+00:00

The quality of your tanning experience largely depends on the ingredients in the lotion you use – investing more typically means better tanning and skincare benefits. We offer sachets of various lotions, allowing you to test them during a single session before committing to a full bottle. A bottle typically lasts between 15-20 sessions, costing just an additional £1-2 per session. You can also leave your bottle with us for convenient access each time you visit.

Why do salon’s ban some products from being used on their sunbeds?2024-06-24T17:11:56+00:00

Recently, products from brands such as Fox Tan and 2bTanned have hit the market, often promoted with flashy social media images of deeply tanned individuals. However, these products are largely gimmicks. It is doubtful that these inexpensive, greasy lotions contribute to achieving a darker tan. Reputable tanning salons avoid these products because their low-quality ingredients can damage the acrylic surfaces of our sunbeds.

Why shouldn’t I buy lotions on-line?2024-06-24T17:11:27+00:00

Please be aware that we purchase our lotions in small quantities from our supplier, ensuring that our stock is always fresh. We offer at least a 10% discount off the recommended retail price (RRP) to pass on our loyalty savings to our clients.

We advise against purchasing from Amazon or eBay, as you are likely to encounter end-of-line lotions and outdated stock. Our supplier prohibits online listings, and violating this policy would result in our account being closed. Therefore, most online products are unlikely to come directly from authorised suppliers.

  • Good service, they offer guidance and a variety of different beds with tanning products. Decent prices too.

    Chris G.